Robespierre was an important contributor to the revolution, he was a great leader who could read the political situation, he changed his veiws from a more liberal note to a more radical side when he seen the tide of favour in the revolution about to change, he did this so he could keep the political situation stable. He was in the beginning a liberal minded man born to a working class family, he was against capital punishment and wanted the opening up of the National guard so that everyone could join. He was known as the "incorruptible" because of his honesty, he was also a champion to the poor and those who lived in povety and during his time as a lawyer defended the viciously. Biographer David Jordan says Robespierre was called upon to guide the revolution through its greatest crisis, he imposed measures that were required for the task, severe measures for a severe situation. He knew that the revolution would only survive the war if it allied itself with the armed working people of Paris. Alphonse Aulard believes that Robespierre was a good user of political paranoia that plagued the revolution. His leadership quality was Integrity.
By Stephen Pocock